o provide cutting-edge technology products and specialized services that deliver solutions for generating, processing and distributing compressed air across all industry sectors. We craft commercial strategies that enhance the market positioning of our clients, the country, and MASIA itself.

The key aspects I focused on improving:

  • Specifying “cutting-edge” technology products – emphasizes innovation leadership
  • Broadening reach to “all industry sectors” – conveys wider market impact
  • Sharpening language around commercial strategies that enhance market positioning – core business approach
  • Clarifying the 3 stakeholders benefited: clients, country, company – shows comprehensive value


To become the leading technological partner to the industrial sector by building trust through our expertise, the availability of a wide range of equipment, specialized services and spare parts that are tailored to customer needs, while consolidating our management towards a sustainable business model.

The key aspects I focused on improving:

  • Positioning as the “leading” partner, not just “a partner” – this evokes more dominance in the market
  • Highlighting “expertise” as a core component for building trust
  • Emphasizing “tailoring” solutions to customer needs – customization
  • Sharpening the language around sustainable business models